Friday, November 9, 2012

I am getting old

I'm only 26, but I already feel like an old fart. Is this common?

-I don't understand facebook anymore. I just can't keep up with and adapt to the changes like I used to be able to. It doesn't make sense to me.

-I get tired of shopping really quickly. Not grocery shopping, which I've always hated, but clothes and mall shopping. It's supposed to be fun for girls right? We're supposed to love it, aren't we? Then why do I get tired and grumpy after 2 stores??? I can drag myself to another couple after that point, but it's torturous and nothing good will come of it.

-I can't drink energy drinks anymore. They make me really light-headed and sick.

-I can't stay up all night anymore. Granted, I've only successfully done this probably like 4 times in my life when I was trying to finish a paper for school or for my friend's church youth group lock-in when I was about 14, but still, I could do it. Now? Not so much. No matter how much caffeine I put in my body, it no longer accepts a lack of sleep and will basically shut down on me for trying to force it. Everything hurts and I feel like I have the flu on days when I am severely sleep deprived.

-I have a myriad of small health complaints: wicked heartburn every day, tendonitis in my wrists, pinky toes that were sprained once and have never seemed to actually heal, iliotibial band pain (this has been since I was about 15 though so it doesn't really count), shifting knee caps, the beginning of deep wrinkle lines in my forehead, increasingly dry skin, and a couple other complaints that I'm going to spare you from (you're welcome).

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is normal for mid-20s, but if this is what my twenties is like, I'm so not excited for actual old age.