Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Questions I Am Tired of Being Asked: 2nd ed. So if you don't eat meat, like, what do you eat?

No I am not kidding. Apparently some people really eat THAT much meat that they would starve if they couldn't eat it anymore.

The problem is that whenever I am asked this, I never know what to answer because I barely have to think about it in day to day life- I am never struggling to think of things to eat.

Some of my favorite foods:

-any kind of fresh fruit
-peanut butter
-Kefir (basically just a yogurt drink that's really good for digestion)
-cereal and the entire rest of the carb world
-lots of different kinds of soup
-Mexican food
-Indian food
-Italian food
-Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Korean food
-Middle Eastern food

Let's not forget about all the meat substitute products available in all supermarkets these days. I can still have burgers, chicken nuggets, ground beef, and corn dogs. I have more recipes saved up that I want to try than I will ever have time for. And the size 10 dresses and pants in my closet testify that I'm not about to starve anytime soon. It is so easy to eat vegetarian and it disappoints me when this has to be explained to others.


  1. I have most definitely asked you all these questions.

  2. haha it's cool, that's why I posted these explanations