Monday, September 7, 2009

blanket movie review

Well I just got back from seeing Step Up at the dollar theater and unfortunately must now add it to my list of movies where my main reaction was "too much plot." Seriously, think about it...does anyone go to see movies like "Step Up," "Bring It On," "Drumline," "High School Musical," or "Stick It" for the plot? Of COURSE not. So when will the people who make these movies figure out that they're putting way too much plot (or more accurately, effort at a plot) in these movies and not nearly enough dancing/singing/marching band/gymnastics/general performing? If you want plot, go rent Memento or an M. Night Shyamalan movie or something. But not Lady in the Water, I heard that sucked big time.
In essence, these movies should ideally be a succession of, oh, maybe a dozen or 15 innovative performance scenes strung together by some sort of pithy and shallow romance story with minimal dialogue and lots of making out, kind of like the second Matrix movie (obviously replacing fighting with performing). There was way too much plot in Step Up. One of the characters even died, for crying out loud. What is that??! No way should this type of movie attempt anywhere near that level of seriousness.

For all the marching band nerd like me, here's...well, something you've probably already seen.

originally posted 10/19/06

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