Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the beginning, there was the internet. And on the first day, God created blogs so that man might vent his feelings in a free and unrestricted manner. And on the second day, God created so that the teenagers might have a place to partake of the new Blink 182 video and read about who Audrina was indeed sighted canoodling with at Les Deux. And on the third day, God created Myspace, a place for bands, but which was swiftly taken over by webcam whores and self-indulgent emos. And yea verily, God looked upon this creation and saw that it Was the Sodom and Gomorrah of social networking sites, and thusly on the fourth day, God created facebook, And he saw that It was good. And on the Fifth day he rested, because he is Almighty God and can take a break on Friday instead of Sunday if he doth feel like it. But on the sixth Day, he created the facebook status update for he did see that man doth revel in self-advertisement and short attention span. And on the seventh day came twitter, of its own accord and yea not of God's creation, for man didst decide that blogs are passé and too long and whiny, and anything you want to express can be expressed in 140 characters or less anyway. Or maybe not if you're Paula Abdul.
Despite having slightly missed the bandwagon, it was time for a public blog. A blog into which I put nothing that I'm not ok with anyone who might stumble across it knowing. A blog into which I only put things that I think might be semi-amusing or worthwhile for a stranger to read. Hence on that note, the following dozen or so entries will be an amalgam of the better blog posts from other blogs I've had.
Just to sum up though, my intended purposes for this blog are ranting, raving, movie reviews (very occasional), and links to cool stuff. Most of my cool stuff I get from though. Except that bacon kid clip. I saw that way before it was ever on geekologie!!

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