Monday, September 7, 2009

The Office Manifesto

I'm not even that into either version of the show; it's just that people around here have been SO annoying lately about talking about how the American version is better than the British one, AND everyone I've talked to who argues that has not seen more than one or two episodes.
Basically the reason why the BBC version is better is because the American one is the exact same show with the exact same main characters with almost the exact same script. The American re-make is completely unnecessary, a greedy and redundant endeavor on the part of everyone involved. They're not saying anything new or insightful with it, and I'm pretty sure the only reason it was created was because they had this fantastic product with the BBC version but it was only having marginal success in America since most Americans are too idiotic to be able to embrace something that's not being shoved down their throats during every commercial break of Grey's Anatomy.
So what to do? How to tap the American market with this show that so obviously merits attention and success? Just re-cast it with more attracti
ve people and slap it on NBC primetime! (see below for side by side comparisons of the attractiveness levels of the corresponding characters so you can judge for yourself if this is not the case) Of course, why didn't we think of it before?!! Americans are too close-minded and ethnocentric to accept an original and exceptionally well-written and -acted show if the actors look like regular people and have natural British accents. Duh. How naive of us to ever expect otherwise! I can't believe we waited this long to make petty alterations so as to conform to the mold of every other primetime sit-com and reinforce the convoluted American standards that suppress diversity and encourage ignorance and complacency. God forbid they have to reach outside their comfort bubble to experience something worthwhile, so we'll just cater to their laziness.
On an irrelevant-to-my-argument note, I do think Gareth would kick Dwight's ass and that Ricky Gervais is just too tough an act to follow. Steve Carell isn't half as annoying.




originally posted 12/13/06

UGH! I've edited the layout of the pictures multiple times so they're actually side by side but they always go back to doing that... oh well you get the idea.

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